daily painting titled Monk's bread

Monk's bread

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 31 May, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


You make bread look soooo inviting!
Hi Julian, You are a very good instructor, but also have very talented students. Loved seeing everyone's work.
A beautiful piece. Well done.
Julian, Really enjoyed seeing your students' work! Very impressive!! Sandra
LOVE this and love your very clever 2nd week painters' work too!
MUCH enjoying seeing everyones work - tinged with envy at not being there! It's classy stuff - the tutor will have to look to his laurels soon!
Julian, Thank you for sharing, wish I was there. Maybe some day. Everyone continue the good work. All the best, Joan
Dear Julian, Thanks for sharing, wish I was there. Everyone continue the good work. All the best, Joan
Sorry did not know 1st went through. Joan
Oh, so gorgeous. Love being able to see the brushstrokes of all that color. Thanks for the smoothly accessible website. Wish I were there, painting with the class and walking in the countryside. Takes me back to drawing with oil pastels many, many years ago. Who knows--maybe I could do something again. A good excuse to head to the Ventoux, n'est-ce pas?
Dear Julian, love the monks bread, looked up the monastery, what wonderful goodies, that olive oil, honey soap, Beaume de Venice etc. etc. How lovely, the hunk of bread is probably made the same way for eons. It looks wonderful in the painting, chewy and perhaps a little salty! A rich bean soup would do nicely with it! Hope the weather improves and thanks for letting us follow your days and be inspired! Anna.
I love the dark background, which adds a calm depth to your painting, Julian. By the way, you must be a very good teacher, and your groups are doing terrific - many must be seasoned artists to begin with. I have enjoyed looking at their works, too.
Ah, if we could just remember we only need a little bit! ("give us this day our daily bread") Very nice.
I am constantly impressed and amazed at your mastery of your medium!