daily painting titled Irises against the house

Irises against the house

13cm x 17cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 11 April, 2011
Posted in Flower paintings


I believe those are Bearded Iris.
Wonderful news about your baby and Ruth's book. I wish you all joy! The irises are lovely - the sunlight is amazing.
Congratulations on your beautiful artwork and the arrival of your new son.
Dear Ruth & Julian, Congratulations on Louis Joseph. Such sweet news to insure a very Happy Spring! Best regards, Kathy
Hi Julian (and Ruth) ... a comment from yesterday's offering. Congratulations all round, firstly on Ruth's book and secondly on shortly to become a family. In so many respects the two are related. My wife was an author who said that having a book published was akin to having a child ... so much labour went into it, but it was a labour or love. so, much happiness for your new future. Bob
I felt moved to write when I read about your son, Louis Joseph. Many congratulations! The joy children bring is beyond compare. We lost our gorgeous son just over seven months ago and looking at your paintings has given me a little daily lift which has helped the pain. Not only that but you have inspired my Mother to start painting again (after40years!) so hooray for the Internet and thank you to You. Best wishes, Rachael
The petals look like eighth notes.Perhaps a sweet melody for the baby... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-gEtIayWqE
Wild man go To Bamako!
It appears from your recent paintings and comments that spring has burst forth with lush blossoms on the cherry trees, vivid irises, and Ruth's book. However, the news about Louis Joseph is thrilling. He will be able to share with both of you the pleasures of the seasons in Provence and Ruth's music. All of you have exciting adventures ahead. I hope that you will continue to share with all of us news about your family's life In Provence and Louis Joseph. Barbara
Another little gem of a painting. It is an absolute joy to open up my email and have such beautiful images day after day. Thank you so much Julian, and I am so happy for you and Ruth and your wonderful news.
Ruth and Julian, Mazel Tov! on your lovely new son. I wish you great joy! Pat