daily painting titled Choux à la crème chantilly

Choux à la crème chantilly

13cm x 12cm (5"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 9 March, 2010
Posted in Still life paintings


Never say never. No no no honestly! No I do not want to eat you, Enticing delicacy! No no no, no matter How you are begging me I would not succumb To your sweet charm To your delightful cream To your smooth brioche Perhaps, to your chocolate mousse inside. No no no! Or else... Because above all, I do not want to hurt you, A little... bite?
NOW YOU'VE DONE IT. T'ES LE TENTATEUR EN PERSONNE! It's so beautifully painted!
After looking at this, I say we have dessert for dinner!
Ooh la la. Yum.....
ok... now that looks delightful. Yum!
Hi Julian Your imprint is clearly on this delicate rendering. It gives the image texture and a charming sensuality. In my imagination I can smell the sweet filling. As I bite into the pastry I feel in my mouth the cream and taste the butter and sugar. I hope that you shared this delightful treat with Ruth or bought two.
Synesthesia at it's best! Thank you. (To Alain... perhaps a gentle nibble?)
Hi What do you want to mean by "synesthesia"? Best