daily painting titled Iris


12cm x 20cm (4¾"x7¾"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 6 April, 2009
Posted in Flower paintings


Very rich looking..great


Damn that's gorgeous. I'm in constant envy of the way you handle light.


Oh, yes, now you're talking!

Holy cow, that's seriously amazing.

Regal! Royal! Magnifique!

What is the blue that the glass/vase is reflecting?

What is the blue that is being reflected in the glass/vase?

Please Please Please make this one a print!

Julians blue eyes........You're so there, Julian!

Nice how you do glass...

Yesterday, Julian, a tribute to " central emptiness" no events, only light and atmosphere; A road with nobody. Today, a tribute to "central presence", just in front of us, near-at-hand, a face to face meeting. Julian, your works are always food for thought.

Do you paint the bkgd in your still-lifes first or last?
Your paintings are beautifully done and so evocative. One hopes you enjoy the process of ptg - maybe not as much as we enjoy the results - but close.