daily painting titled Shallot and garlic cloves

Shallot and garlic cloves

22cm x 10cm, oil on panel Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Thursday 26 January, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


What a sun-filled atmosphere(hardly softened by some exquisite(and indispensable)touches of tender green)in which three aflame spices share a very private conversation...

Alain's lyrical waxing always adds another perspective to these little gems. Thank you Alain!

Your paintings continue to intrigue me with the subtle colors and composition.

Do tell us what they're talking about Julian!

Thank you Julian for posting yet another amazing painting.
The delicacy of the brush strokes are unbelievable.
I might have said it before but can not repeat myself enough you are in the same league as Fantin Latour and John SInger Sargent when
it comes to talent.
Many congratulations

Julian, this made me gasp. Just beautiful. I don't know how to put it without sounding pompous, but being able to look back through your body of work and to be able to share in seeing how you've grown as an artist, well, it feels like quite a rare privilege really.

The shallot and garlic seem to be happily conversing. So the warm colours are perfect in this context. This is a welcome painting on a grey, rainy/ snowy day.

What a magnificent painting!!! Merci, cher Julian.

when are you going to bring out another book? I would really like to see another one. Fabulous work.

My technical observation everyday since... three years thanks to JMS works.
Virtuoso alone can paint like that,three plans or arrangements of warm colors(it is easier with cool colors):foreground,objects and background.
About the composition,the lower vessel-like dark line of the shallot "goes" to the upper left angle whereas the green stalks of the garlic show but less emphatically the upper right(therefore a blurried diagonal track above the garlic cloves on the wall subtly restores the balance),all these physical plus virtual lines in contrast with the very rectangular shape of the canvas,create an invisible and soft tension above and under the cloves seen in close up,which suggests a lively feeling emphasized by the directional variations of each brushstroke.And what to say about the horizontally shifted three focus: tender body of the shallot on one side,the little space moved on the right between the shallot and the two garlic and these latter on the other side.A "lesson" at several levels of the artistic flair and temperament of Julian.In a so small painting!

Hi Julian, It's been a little while since I looked at your site but I'm pretty blown away by your recent work - particularly this shallot and the recent garlic and bottle. It seems as though these paintings are taking on an organic form which grows within the direction of the brushstrokes - the paint "becomes" the form. Really inspiring stuff.

Neil N.