daily painting titled Head Study

Head Study

I have someone sitting for a potrait all this week so posting maybe a little erratic - mes excuses. I hope to record the portrait process and make it available in some form on http://stillives.com at a later date. This is me by the way not my sitter.

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 17 October, 2005
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Don't worry - the head study didn't get through on the e-mail but I see on the website it is really, really good. Don't worry about the regular postcards for now - it is always a pleasure to receive them whenever - I know how when you have a model you have to make the most of the time with him! If later we see a series of portrait studies it will be very illuminating to view the process. Good luck - Jane
absolutely fabulous! Would you have time to do a portrait of me? Do you ever travel to the States? Your work is first rate; I have two of your postcards, and will buy more when I determine how best to mount them
Nice one Julian! Great loose brushwork... Great sense of energy. I can see the chunky paint and smell the oil - which is exciting! That's been missing somewhat from your more recent postcards. There is a scowl on your face.... dark mood huh? From what I can see on Ruth's blog, the other portrait is looking good. The mouth is looking right. Keep going!
Welcome at home! You can come here when you want. Even with a little lateness. Take your own time and go on!
corr is that hunk really my husband? i miss him.
miss you too
This portrait of you makes me scared of you, yet I look at your paintings of vegetables and eggs, and of a peach, which I like in particular, or the portrait of your wife, your landscapes (pretty much all of your work) and all I see is warmth, happiness, and much love & respect for the world. I guess that's what so much painting will do to artists who are so good at creating works of beauty...it sucks the life blood from yourself and makes you into this deep individual who can be both morose and full of love. Obviously your life blood runs thick. Your work has real integrity and humility. I love it!