daily painting titled Persimmon


14cm x 11cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Sunday 4 February, 2007
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I would like to purchase this piece. Please advise best method of payment.
How do i bid on this? i would love one of your paintings.
I have been fighting to buy your masterpiece paintings for the past year with no success. But this one is the best, I would love to own it! You paintings are so real and ramantic! You are a genius!
Wish to purchase. DO you wish American Expess or Master Card? Laura
For some time, I am delighted everyday by receiving in my mailbox a sunlit painting from you. You are truly inspiring and beautiful! Now pears are my favorite fruit - this work is really seductive!
Who...who... who got it? Suspense is killing me.... And I NEED that pear!
C├ęzanne once said - "As for flowers, I've given them up. They wither away so quickly. Fruits are more faithful. They like having their portraits painted. They seem to sit there and ask for your forgiveness for fading. Their thought is given off with their perfumes. They come with all their scents, they speak of the fields they have left, the rain which has nourished them, the daybreaks they have seen." I reckon Julian has captured the spirit of this little pear beautifully. Well done!
Would the top five posts PLEASE read the purchasing tab at the top of the page? Wouldn't we all like this painting... please get with the program! Geez!
Actually, apologies to Olga and Glenn, I was a little hasty in my post. I just get a little irritated at the "I would like to purchase this" posts...
We have been fortunate enough to purchase several of Julian's pieces...but I must say the pears strike a wonderful note..close to the heart. I love them....please more.