daily painting titled First strawberries

First strawberries

20cm x 12.5cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 18 March, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Wow! - Perfection!

would love to dive into those strawberries, would love to see you all three and share some,
we ove this summer july 8 to august 12, will merge
mary ann and boyce with love and strawberry-longing!

Just enough sparkle on those delicious-looking strawberries!

Wow! I can almost taste the strawberries.

Oh my goodness! This is gorgeous!! I used to dislike still life so much as I thought it always seemed to consist of the typical wine glass, grapes, more fruit, a few blooms and a dead pheasant draped over a table, but you, Julian, have totally changed "Still Life" for me!!

It can be modern, and fresh and exciting ..... and not "still" at all!

What a treat it is to see your work. Thank you so much.


Please pass me the cream and a bit of freshly ground black pepper!

Stunning-they look luscious, and you could just reach out and grab one to eat!

Pass me the cream and black pepper!


That positively makes my month water!!! Just about 4 weeks and I will be savoring those strawberries and asparagus. hooray.


Hi Julian , the berries are spectacular , great colour.

Julian I have noticed that your photo's of your work lately have been a bit dull Lack luster, have you changed cameras or lighting? As always your work is wonderful but the presentation is lacking snap. Maybe its me and I'm lacking snap I don't know but I love getting your work every day and as a photographer I look at the image with a pain in the ass eye. Keep up the great work Cheers Ross

Yum! How you can have strawberries already...lucky you! This is a beautiful painting.

...day after day. day after day....a person could never tire of your jewel-like paintings.

I have just received your lovely note cards.

Thank you, Julian!

Good enough o eat.. my mouth is watering.

Your strawberries are absolutely luscious! As exquisite as all your paintings. I especially love the delicate highlights!

Cabbage is in our markets in NY now and I'm working on my annual St. Patrick's Day still life! Such a fun challenge.

I so look forward to seeing your work in May (just can't believe my luck!)


Dear Julian, in one word: luscious!!


Fabulous! best still life depiction of strawberries that I have seen for a long time.

I can almost smell them. Are you making any prints available from your more recent paintings? I've been looking at your print store, but I don't see any of this year's paintings available. Thanks!