daily painting titled Evening on the Grand Canal

Evening on the Grand Canal

18cm x 13cm (7"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 2 December, 2008
Posted in Marine paintings


Are you stranded by the 1m 56 above high-water flooding? and is there really a vaporetto strike as well?
Can't tell from these delicious paintings...

No Ruth we came home over the weekend, got stuck for several hours on the autoroute with snow, but left before the aqua alta?these paintings I did last week

i love comparing last year's venice paintings to this year's. my favorite from last october is venetian reflections...and from this trip i love house on the rio novo, showing venice in all its arching, wallowing, decaying splendor.

your painting looks cold and a little foreboding...much as the sky looked tonight in florida sunset and we will have frost in early morning...unusual here on the gulf coast (sarasota,fla next to the town of venice, fla.)

Wonderfully moody! I love the way you make the water look so wet.