daily painting titled Roses in a jar

Roses in a jar

13cm x 20cm (5"x8"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 17 June, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Beautiful! A perfect expression of early summer roses. Hope you'll post this one on Facebook so I can share with friends.
Glowing roses! And what about the mysterious red heart on the second rose from the left as may be a subconscious message of love from the artist to all of us.
Excellent, excellent! Bravo! I see the heart Alain is referring to, also.
A lovely painting! Felicity has "done herself proud" as they say here in the southern U.S. I have a David Austin rose named Christopher Marlowe which I love but not as spectacular as Felicity! Cheers! Suzanne
very very nice work!!.........roses remind me of my book, "the last floral paintinga of manet"
But it feels "sorry for itself" so beautifully that we should forgive the self-pity!
Dear Julian, What a beautiful painting. Roses are such good subjects but not all can paint them. YOU can! With all the varieties you could paint a different rose each day :) The petals of these are tight compared to other types. I like the way you handle your strokes. You are a true inspiration to anyone who loves to create and for anyone to enjoy the beauty. Thanks so much for your daily gift.
Bon Jour Julian, outstanding rose painting. Incredible textures, very Fantin Latour...a painting you should be very satisfied with. Paired with reflections in glass, a truly stunning image. Thank you so much for the visual joy you bring. cheers, georgia
Amazing, as always. You make it seem utterly effortless.
Dear Julian, this little painting of soft pink roses tightly packed in a simple jar slashed with a bright reflection,is exquisite. Could it be a night painting, it has a certain intensity, yet it is dreamy and mysterious, like the effect of moonlight. Anna.
Love the flowers, of course, but you just make leftover jars sing with only a dab or two of paint. Now I can't throw them away -- one day they might hold a rose or an iris. Today, I had to make more room for jars in the barn!
I'm sure your lovely - even compassionate - painting has made Felicity feel very much better.
Those roses are so well painted, gorgeous! Keep wishing I could zoom in for an even closer look. Well done and keep going.
Greetings from the City of Roses US... This is a familiar sight - gorgeous blooms with that hard-to-describe weather-weary look after a good rain. Perfectly captured and to me, ever more beautiful. Love this one Julian!
Again a masterpiece... The presence is amazing....Your brush strokes make these roses more than alive! And the light and colour are excellent! Thank you for the joy of viewing this wonderful creation !