daily painting titled Working in the rice paddies

Working in the rice paddies

20cm x 13cm oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 24 January, 2011
Posted in Paintings of Bali


The cobalt blues and the lighter blues in this painting are simply ravishing! They provide the perfect setting for the red hat and the yellowish color of the "field." What sensuous delights you've been providing us. Merci infiniment!
Beautiful, Julian, and in addition to the color I especially appreciate the sense of movement you've captured. Lovely painting.
The figures, not a common element in your work, are astoundingly rendered. There is a great sense of dynamic weather in this painting with the blurred trees... great work.
I echo the others' statements! The human figures, so dynamic, and the movement in the sky and palm trees. I can feel the air glide across my skin as I look at this.
The movement I can feel it!
This is wonderful on so many levels. I can't even adequately articulate all the reasons why I love this, but I do. The figures are so perfectly rendered. Everything else works as well. Outstanding job, Julian.
Dear Julian, Much as you love living in France, it seems that the landscape and people of Asia appeal to you enormously. This scene is so familiar to me, and I have never seen it captured more faithfully as an artwork. Its much cheaper to live in this part of the world too. Think about it. One drawback ... bananas aren't nearly as demanding or satisfying to paint as clementines! Congratulations ... again. Bob
Wonderful figurative work.
This is quite lovely. I can feel the strength in their bodies, feel the breeze, and smell the air.
Julian you don't show the usual painters' problem of adjusting to a different atmosphere and light, these little gems are truly indicative of these parts of Asia. You are so close to Australia, land of plenty (of water at the moment)! I think you'd like the light here esp in Autumn and us Aussies would love to see some work from down under, I hope you can be tempted at some stage!!
I'll second that! Next time travel a little further and come to Australia -lots of friendly folk to meet and great subjects to paint!!
A wonderful equivalence between "The gleaners" painted by Millet in 1857(Orsay museum)and your painting!But here no need to see the faces,we can easily imagine them. The oblique upper outline of the green grass splendidly buttresses the hard work of these two brave human beings.
I happen to know Jenny has a gorgous studio...I'm sure she'd lend it to you!!
Hi Julian, I call you the Italian or British(?)Amorsolo. Amorsolo was our National Artist in the 1930's whose works sell now for quite a price but hardly can one find anymore for sale. We (who subscribes to your website) find your paintings from Bali close to our hearts because those are all familiar scenes where we are from...in fact just about 3 hours flight. This is so beautiful painting and even your previous ones. chit
I've tried drawing Balinese doing exactly this and while it is repetitive it's far from easy as they work so fast! Well done Julian - you've caught the posture adopted exactly. I also love the acid yellow against the sky and that little dot of red.
... well, there you go, an instant welcoming committee to get Julian to Australia. Maybe first we need an orchestra to offer some gigs to Ruth, then who knows! ... hey Alain, there is a great Jules Bastien-Lepage "potato gatherers" in Melbourne at the National Gallery of Victoria - come and have a look some time.
Hi DeanO, The "potato gatherers" is a fascinating painting.Thanks to you,I am studying now Bastien- Lepage, a painter I didn't know before. Cordially.
That is one hell of a painting! Excellent.
yes, i'm up for gigs in australia deano! or even better, any teaching opportunities....? never been but have a great childhood friend in the ACO. one day maybe...
A friend in the ACO is a pretty good place to start - a gentle enquiry and registration of interest might be in order! I'm sure there would be opportunities. There are occasional festivals specialising in chamber music and some private schools have very highly regarded "summer/winter schools" in music and performance etc. I'm no musician, but will keep an ear to the ground for you (my violin teacher correctly suggested that was about the level of my ability!) Enjoy Bali, Julian's paintings have really caught the atmosphere of the place.
What makes this painting so special for me is the figures in it. You have portrayed them in a manner that captures their grace as they perform work that must be physically difficult. Perhaps this will lead to more figures in the future like the one in the Marais painting and his one. The light and colour in this one and the others make me yearn for the change of seasons and relief from a snowy winter with many cloudy days. Thanks Julian for the escape from wintry days that you have provided in the Bali paintings.
Your plein aire work is exciting and beautiful. So much more so than your still lifes. Are you ever going to run out of vegetables? It's like looking at a different artist.
Very beautiful-I love the workers and scene. Do you think you may do prints of the rice paddies? I am on a budget and would surely purchase prints. Thanks for considering this idea.