daily painting titled Mooring at San Giorgio Maggiore

Mooring at San Giorgio Maggiore

12cm x 17cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 30 October, 2013
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Love that...loose..pretty
Oh Julian, I absolutely love this painting! Very Sargentesque, I think.
Love the perspective. Love the colours.Love the shadows and love the beautiful print of THAT still life! Thank you so much
Julian, I like these two off-center compositions because they show the asymmetry, and at the same time the serenity of water, and it is like itself. I see things and am grateful to the Siegel Theory of Opposites for what it says about the art we care for.
Guess you should move to Venice, your paintings have been very special
I think you should move to Venice, this group of paintings has been just wonderful!
This is lovely, I absolutely love the composition and the high contrast of the black- a little reminiscent of Manet's black boats- thank you again for your painting- always a touch of beauty to be surprised by on my computer screen
The boat is wonderful. But am I allowed to like the weathered wood beams best?
Julian, Your work on this trip is beautiful, just beautiful, and better than Ken Howard!! Jessie
I Like the sharper image. I am very captivated by your earlier sharper style. Although I must agree with a commenter that you are moving in on Singer Sargent. His Venice pieces are favorites as is the unique city itself. I am new to the postcards and it is thrilling. I first found your "Persimmons", then read about your one a day and I was shocked. In my pinning I said you were much too good for that. Then I read your wife's terrific book and understood more. I really believe you are a genius and your work will be charming people for many generations. JC
Julian, had to smile at your pic of the obstructed view of the Giudecca canal. Can imagine your frustration and probably a few choice words as well. That was no boat, that was a block of flats. NIce painting today ( as always )
Beautiful, Julian, as were the other two on last couple of days. Hope we can find you some fun stuff to paint in the Mysterious East!
O sweet wish: "mourir" at San Giorgio Maggiore! And this joyful boat will carry my remains all along the banks of Venice,flute players in disguise will play spruce melodies,powdered ladies will laugh like spring chickens in heat,multicolor dancing flags will blow and flap loosely,and the mooring posts like undulating black ghosts will give that one last wave to me.
Dear Julian, love how you've captured this vintage vessel! Masts, rigging and sails painted with a devil-may-care loose brush. The dark, tarry looking hull. The boat seems to be rolling slightly, straining at it's mooring as the deliciously aquamarine water, gently slaps against it's sides. Deep inky depths, a salty tang in the air, damp facades... a true venetian aura bathes the whole scene, "Agostina" is grand! Anna.
Very nice - I especially like the contrast in light/dark values. A classic.
Sogni d'oro, Alain! You have with your words conjured up a spectacle of a latter day Carpaccio! Anna.
Capriccio rather than "Carpaccio" maybe? Therefore you give me a good reason to search the paintings of Vittore Carpaccio(and also the raw red meat recipe!)on Google. Regards
Hi Julian , I have been away for a few days seeing my grandchildren and this is the first "Postcard" I have seen. Just wanted to say it is beautiful and I can't wait now to backup and see others of your trip. Venice must be an inspiration at every turn! I was telling my wife not long ago that I hoped you made a trip soon to paint some water and now here it is! Thank you Craig
Be careful with that macho recipe Alain,wouldn't want to be responsible for any misadventures!!Or a possible early fulfilment of any sweet wishes,lol. Anna.
Wonderful composition and color. Wishing I was wealthier and hoping this will come out as a giclee. As well as the Oct. 15/16th? one of waterside reflections of plants. Bravo and great that you are painting everyday.