daily painting titled Persimmon


14cm x 11cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Sunday 4 February, 2007
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Just enjoy looking at this new lady - Bravo Julian!
hmm, francis. she's not exactly new, she's his wife!
This must be Ruth. I like it very much.
This is just beautiful.
YOu can see all her life in this portrait.Almost too intense to bear.
Arresting portrait. I stopped. And all I was doing, just stared. Then I read the blog. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Having had the pleasure of both these souls' company, I can see two deeply thoughtful people. Not only does the painter have great eye hand coordination, he gets to that other layer. His soulful eyes may be hidden from the viewer,but they are no less present. Beyond a beautiful painting is what rests, and is the arresting.
Your wife is beautiful and a very funny writer! And her eyes are NOT too small, I think they are very clear, and I can see her imagining the fish as plain as day. Excellent job again!
Please, who is Tom Phillips?
fany, tom phillips is my dad - an artist of some note now and also well before i was a glint in his eye!
Julian The Study of Ruth is awesome!!!!! Thanks
Julian, I love it when you paint a portrait, it's so rare. I'm currently in my second year of studying portraiture and figure painting. This portrait of Ruth is so rich yet loose, like you paint everything else. Gorgeous! I love the warm shadows and the direct gaze of the sitter.
Thank you Julian and Ruth for sharing the process. I love the portrait and have a new appreciation for you both.
Very nice. I'm also always interested in anything to do with a Ruth since it's a middle name and the name of my favorite aunt! :} Best wishes, Georgia
I cannot imagine creating such a work of art in only an hour and a half. If Ruth is as beautiful as her portrait, you are a lucky man Julian.
This is wonderful! I enjoy all your paintings, but I think portraiture is probably the most demanding
Julian, you have really captured Ruth (in more ways than one). Haven't commented on your paintings for such a long time - all your other fans seem to put my thoughts in print very much better than I could myself and in a far more knowledgeable way, artistically, but I have to say that we so enjoy seeing your paintings each day, getting little glimpses of your life and feel very privileged. Listening to Rach 2 while catching this painting today was so special. Love to you both, Jan (and Pete)
i was just wondering what color are your eyes ruth?
big, Julian seems to think they are raw sienna. i always thought they were bluey green....
Actually what I said Ruth was that I used mostly raw sienna for your irises (they were very lit up) mixed with utramarine and raw umber.. they were hazel yesterday :-)