daily painting titled Track through vineyards, Bedoin

Track through vineyards, Bedoin

21cm x 13cm, oil on panel (approx 8"x5") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 19 August, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


So many wonderful lessons here: how to vary greens, how to work warm/cool, how to use atmospheric perspective... and most of all, how to make a "simple" landscape lead viewers to their imagined place.
These hot summer landscapes are making me just melt....not only from the shimmer of heat off the landscape, but from the sheer perfection of your nuanced painting style. Thank you for these treasures.
I love the variations of colors in your greens, and I love the shadows. Thank you for sharing your work. It inspires me.
I love the arch created by the trees in the left background. It gives you a peek at what lays beyond and might lure the walker who was unfamiliar with the area. It is a painting that conceals and reveals.
Halcyon path to happiness and harmony.
The center of interest trees are breathtaking in the way you painted them - another top painting!