daily painting titled Red and green peppers

Red and green peppers

24cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 10 July, 2012
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We went to the second Farmers' Market of the season today. Everything beautiful and the farmers are the nicest people on earth. Will you eat your peppers now? Fanny
Look just like the ones in my garden.
Beautiful job! Beautiful produce. Your paintings of what nature gives us have a way of reminding me to celebrate life. Frank
LOVE the peppers!
These peppers made me smile. They are energetic--talk about Opposites! They snuggle and colorfully fight. I learned about that relation from Aesthetic Realism as I have said before. But I wanted to say that your objects-- like the garlic, or the cherries, have human opposites in them--for and against, they have personalities; I always look at your highlights--a fast swish of the brush, but sometimes I want no highlight. Can I say that? Well, I did. I guess being a teacher, I get brave. I am glad to look at your work.
So realistic. Great values. Will be attending Pierre Bittar's (peer of yours) seminar next week here in northern Michigan.
Red and green should never be seen, we were toils as children. Well you have proved that one wrong. They look lovely and crisp. I hope you ebjoyed them for dinner.
What time is dinner??
I knew I had seen those pepper pals before. Take a look at August 23, 2005!
and : http://shiftinglight.com/2007/03/red_pepper_green_pepper.php http://stillives.com/redandgreen.html