daily painting titled Landscape with Cherry Blossom

Landscape with Cherry Blossom

18cm x 11cm, oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 15 April, 2007
Posted in Landscape paintings


thank you, julian, for giving us what spring should look like.

At one point in this adventure of a painting a day I was seeing an improvement in the quality of your paint.I'm afraid the reverse is happening now and you have deadlines to meet or the level of skill has just declined to equal the payment.Go back and look at what you started with and where you have gone.I'm thinking not worth $100. Amy Varner p.s. I was looking at your sight way beore you started this painting a day

Well I am sorry you feel that Amy. Personally I feel I'm doing some of my best small work ever and most of the time having tremendous fun.

I really don't ever get involved in what turn out to be these long e-mail chains but whoa there Amy--you have a hell of a nerve with that kind of a comment. You don't have to like every painting and quite frankly, this wasn't my favorite of Julian's paintings. Leave it at that Amy--to suggest any more than that is remarkably mean-spirited and ill-conceived. Wow, what a jerk! Don't change a thing Julian.

amy: jealous much? from such critical words i would expect to find some pretty impressive work on your own website- which i did not. 'landscape with cherry blossom' alone surpasses the quality of all of your work combined. i always find it interesting how the most critical people are often the one's with the least skill or talent. fitting i guess, considering you have so little to offer in other areas. might as well try and spread your misery.

I am also a bit suprised at Amy's comment. As a almost daily painter myself I know what hard work it is, I am constantly impressed by the work produced by Julian, I dont often comment but always watch and find these paintings full of sincerety and soul. I love this one by the way, I love the next one too. I cant imagine what possessed Amy to say what she said and think it is a strange utterance form someone who claims to be an artist. All I would like to add is keep going, your work is very real and you deserve every success, I lift my glass to you.