daily painting titled Jonquils in a jar

Jonquils in a jar

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 20 March, 2015
Posted in Flower paintings


Pure piece of painting: impastoes, translucences and repentirs around the jar which add here a ghost-like effect. And that touch of blue like a bit of sky among floral suns... All here show us the total frankness of an artist.
It snowed here today!
fab light and such loose strong brush strokes.Lovely painting.
Heart-lifting, exquisite... Plus alain's lovely words...
Gorgeous brushwork, love the blue highlight reflecting the color similar to a deep blue sea, the surface of the glass captures every nuance of shadow and melancholy light yet with the depth and substance of the jonquils!
I remember the first time -some years ago- that I saw your jonquils... Like butterflies dancing in a jar! These are just as awesome!
Worth the wait. Makes the day beautiful!
Thank you. I love your quick,deft, poetry. Here I sit, in Brooklyn, New York, with a thick constant snow, albeit wet 1st day of Spring snow, clinging to every patient branch. Waiting, urging towards green.
I love this painting, and the previous one of the strawberries. The berries were prefect, with the highlights, and they looked luscious. I am picking up tips from looking at your wonderful paintings. For instance the simple but effective manner in which you painted the seeds on the berries. These daffodils glow, with the muted container and background thatnsets them off just right.
Excellent !
It seems flowers never fail you. One of the hardest subjects to get right yet described in all their delicacy here with the brashest of strokes.