daily painting titled Wheatfield through Cherry Trees

Wheatfield through Cherry Trees

15 x 12cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Thursday 4 May, 2006
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The painting is so beautiful. I want to be there. Thank you.
poppies! i want to be there, too.
That is the closest I have ever come. When I logged on and saw the word: PURCHASE instead of the usual SOLD, I clicked almost without looking at the painting. Once into the payment process, I realized my chances were slim if any, even though I'd come this close. Reason: I have dial-up and everything is soooo slow. It's almost enough for me to sign up for high-speed, except it's not available out here in the boonies. I had my moment, though, of the supreme excitement of ALMOST winning the Merrow lottery. Congratulations, Jeremy Rich, who surely has DSL. And thank you, Julian, for the daily pleasure of your gifted work.
I'm laughing because it is evident that we are all SO FAR GONE down the road to addiction with these paintings! I'm keeping this a secret from everyone except my sister, my kids, and my boyfriend, and that, says my boyfriend (a psychologist), is one of the surest signs of addiction! I've never been addicted to anything else, however, so I feel this is an acceptable habit.
I have to confess to two addictions: Julian's paintings and chocolate. That puts the paintings and chocolate in good company.
OK, chocolate too...
I am new to your work and (almost) daily postings and when I read the comments of today realized I too am hooked! I also was amazed and thrilled to see the "purchase" option but was too late as well. I too thought of telling someone and sharing but decided to keep it to myself! Thankyou for the beauty and inspiration!
Anyone ready to 12-step it?
There is no 12-step to cure it. You know, Julian, it's not just the subject matter that is so addicting, even though all the subjects are beautiful, it's that YOU come through in the paintings consistently. One day I would like to meet you in person, because based upon the feeling you convey in the paintings, I'm sure you are just a joy to be around. Thank you for sharing who you are through these gorgeous works. You brighten everyone's day.
Addiction? Yes! Julian please consider offering today's painting as a print. The colors are absolutely delightful!
The best of the past weeks, I think... would you please post the time of purchase as well as the day's lucky person? Maybe we can figure out why the west coast is left in the dark?
The time of the purchase Diane is invariably within a minute of the posting time. Everyone on the list gets a 20-30 minute heads up of posting time, probably the reason that the west coast 'seems to be in the dark' is that 80 percent of the list is on the east coast. Out of the 35 people who got to use the purchase button 3 were in CA and two in Washington state. The purchase button is up for two minutes. Thanks all for your kind words. Good to be back although things are still likely to be a little hairy for a while. I was caused great distress by all this talk of chocolate as I had two bars in the cupboard yesterday but only have strawberries today, much as I love strawberries..... and yes of course I do feel for you guys on dial up.. we don't even have mains drainage but we have ADSL and this is France not South Korea?!!°* J
Absolutely beautiful. I love this painting. The red flowers leading into the blue shadows under the trees is incredible. I too am addicted to receivings these e-mails. I so enjoy opening up the page to see what awaits me.
FYI for folks who feel they are not getting the notification of posting -- I think part of it might be the inscrutable vagaries of cyberspace; some days I have the full 20 minutes or so notice, other days, I get Julian's e-mail when the painting is already sold and several comments have already been posted. But that seems to be part of the satisfaction of the exercise--the combination of the zeal to purchase something lovely and worthwhile, and the Zen-like detachment and ability to glory in the existence of the beauty for its own sake without feeling disappointment at not owning it. All sides of this are rewarding and fun! And addictive, of course...
J, Please make a print of this one -- I have a place in my house that needs a window... like this. Merci! -- Judy
Julian, I had first call on this one, (see my note from yesterday) but I was too late. Please, make it a print.
Exquisite! Julien there are so many people vying for your paintings and those people who have superfast computers beat the rest of us every time. Would you consider awarding the painting to the 5th or 10th bidder? It might make it more equitable!
Hello Julian, My husband and I have traveled to France 8 times, and love it. We always rent a car and often rent apts.We are now 80 yrs. old and have COPD and traveling is a thing of the past.We love Provence, the people are wonderful and the markets, and antique markets great. Love the Sundays at L'Isle sur la Sorge. Had a trip planned for April to Vosges to the town of Vittel to feast on froglegs as only the French can cook them, but had to cancel.Viva la France. Ruth Mammen