daily painting titled September morning (view from my window)

September morning (view from my window)

18cm x 14cm (7"x5½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 3 September, 2010
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Simply gorgeous.
Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your work and visions. Kathleen
Nostalgie ... Merci!
beautiful landscape!
Above all that,an intense fiiling with joy. Then,a symphony of sensitiveness and cleverness:as "the struggle of "The Jacob wrestling with the angel"of Delacroix,a pacific struggle between: -lightness and weightiness -unbalance and stability A tender wedding between -the cortege of clouds in oblique -and the procession of undulating deep shadows at the root of the wood,but in more slighter oblique A from afar conversation between: -the blurred uphill skyline of the hills -and the couple of elongated parallel shadows steaking the descending fields,linked with the opposite downhill neat side of the orange path in the foreground. A weird humanization of the first big tree of the wood which seems to point something at the divine hills. In addition,the dotted fragments of orange,burnt sienna and pink among the painting,communicate cohesion and jollity,to the coldness and warmth of the joyous fields and sky. Plus,in the left,these nearly three vertical dry furrows,seem to hold the all painting in place,as a genious idea of Nicolas Poussin. Bearing in mind,so humorous Julian,the little bit of green triangle in the lower right angle of the canvas,which echoes with the so tiny white triangle of cloud in the upper left angle. I imagine here Cezanne exclaiming: "Julian Merrow Smith,you are my dreamed brother!And how I appreciate the fact your signature is as one with the meadow!"
Bravo Julian and Alain!
Barbara M, you are a really nice lady.Thank you.You know,it's so good to me to write.I am sure,Julian feels that.He is a miraculous inspirer.For the next painting,I will surprise you;at least,I hope...