daily painting titled Tuscany and Civita Castellana - Some paintings

Tuscany and Civita Castellana - Some paintings

Some of my summer's landscape work, some were demos, others were either too large to be 'postcards' or else escaped posting due to travel and other disruptions. Fifteen paintings in all, priced from $200 to $650 (sizes 7"x5" to 10"x8") More here
Daily painting for Sunday 24 September, 2017
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Lovely selection Julian and finally saw your selfie at the BP. Fantastic.

Hope you're all well,


The light on the central tree is truly lovely. I'm very fond of using orange in a landscape if I can.
Regards, Lee

You have shared a very beautiful painting, I like it very much.

My favourite colours and a fantastic artwork. Warm and full of love. Great!