daily painting titled Paysage à  Sault

Paysage à  Sault

20cm x 14cm (8"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 18 July, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


BEAUTIFUL, JULIAN! I did my first still life this afternoon, took all afternoon, thanks for the lesson. Miss you all and France! Jessie
It is very beautiful!
Fabulous grey-blue in the distance!And I like the opposition between the lightness of the foreground and the heaviness of the foliage.
Dear Julian, glad you are taking "time off" in the studio and not battling the elements all the time! The paintings in the Sault series are all beautiful and subtle. Todays image of the majestic tree and the very soothing green foreground is very alluring. The glimpsed fields of lavender and foliage are beautifully captured. Anna.
i do love trees, julian, and this is a beautiful green lush one. but i am wondering what kind of tree it is. (it is lush green here in Florida since we have had rain rain and rain.) thanks as always for yr paintings. grace
Hi Julian, You provided shade for many of us who are feeling the heat of the sun this hot month of July. When you first glance at your painting it welcomes you to come on in and enjoy the coolness under the tree branches. Love the bold tree structure. Great colors and tones. Enjoy your comfortable studio heat can be dangerous. Take care Julian enjoy all of your wonderful art.