daily painting titled Pomegranate


17cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 20 January, 2015
Posted in Still life paintings


Love this so much Julian, i just want to stick a spoon into my computer screen!
Pom Pom pomrumpa Pom Pom! Sorry. It just makes me want to sing!
just great!
Hi Julian , I really love this one , simply rich and excquisite. A joy to look at!
This is a major WOW! Can't wait to meet you!
Julian - this is just gorgeous. Would that I could have found a pomegranate that looked that rich and ruby-red here in the USA (they're messing with them, I'm sure). Your colors are phenomenal and the texture, texture, texture - fabulous!! Thanks for all the beauty you send our way.
Sparkling and imperial still life. And what about this quarter of fruit, before a blurred and reddening sun, like a lifeboat that carries poor people covered in blood...Three of them are fallen in the icy sea! When a still life is not just a still life.
Julian, another masterpiece. The light on the seeds is exquisite it really does enrich the depth of colour.
This time your incredible pure white highlights look just ripe,delicious,right.
Great, Great, GREAT!!!
Dear Julian,pure pleasure,the painting seem lit from inside. Strong, rich and glowing, the colours are magnificent! Anna.
Excellent Julian, to two in a row...you are obviously getting to grips with 2015 unlike me! You're painting style has relaxed! Regards and roll on Spring! Sarah Orchard
Steady now!...
Straight from the heart, colours, texture, brush strokes...it's alive.....just like the lemon... Please what number brush did you use to start with?
The color combo is outstanding. Pomegranates always have great appeal. Your work is always excellent.
Good to see you back in harness!