daily painting titled Garlic tress

Garlic tress

15cm x 12cm, oil on panel Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 25 July, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


Hi, Julian- I live on the Monterey Peninsula in California and am another gushing fan of your talent and your work. I love the "personal note" you write me (and thousands of others) every day. My husband and I will be on a riverboat on the Rhone next October. How I wish I could pay a visit to you, but I know that's impossible. I hope life with your little boy is a joy, although it most certainly complicates things, doesn't it? (just like a computer breakdown!). I majored in Art History at Stanford and am so thrilled my daughter turned me on to your work by giving me your book. If I weren't spending all my money on travels these days I would bid on some of your pieces. Hard to decide whether I like the still lifes better (my spell check seems to prefer "lives" but it doesn't seem right) or your landscapes. Blues and lavendars in your paintings are wonderful. All the best to you and yours,. Marianne
I'll join you then - with an early morning cognac over the garlic which I disentangled earlier from my ceiling-hung plait. The taste of both and the visual treat make a lovely communion all round! Sorry about the internet though. x
The garlic is alive and bursting from it's dry skin. So much movement is pushing from the insides. This is a pulsing forcefully felt piece.
Close to the poetic velvet texture of some Joshua Reynolds paintings.
This is one of my favorites of yours--makes me want to paint garlic (or fondle it) immediately!