daily painting titled Towards Crillon, Autumn

Towards Crillon, Autumn

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 30 September, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


Wow beautiful colors. What a fantastic painting. Tish.
Bold and Bright!
Beautiful..and sad Summer is going....
Such confident brush marks - beautiful!
This is a beautiful plein air landscape!!!!!!!!!! I am partial to plein air as our son does it for a hobby!
Dear Julian, the rich, mellow colours and bold brush strokes coalesce into a beautiful and dynamic depiction of a landscape in early autumn. By the dark mass of the trees,there is a sweet spot of a lighter blue and an intense greenish gold that's pure magic.... Anna.
Transient Nostalgia. Bizzarely the big tree looks like,as a vegetal equivalence,the wave painted by Hokusai in: "The great wave off Kanagawa"! Lights and backlighting are playing hide and seek.The immortal cloud with "his" arms upraised in victory is blessing the miraculous landscape. At this time precise,the fluorescent greens suddenly sing among the tiny drops of red scattered all over the painting,red drops as an evocation of the last poppies of a summer that doesn't want to die...O yes,Mrs Sylvia Kingsley,"summer is going"...
Hi Julian , great painting I love the green of the field , very nice composition. Fall colours are beautiful here in our part of the world. Thanks Craig