daily painting titled Pear, Lemon and Apple

Pear, Lemon and Apple

15 x 16 cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Friday 24 February, 2006
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Dear Julian, The postcards are simply great.I am new to your site and finding it difficult to purchase the daily postcard. Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated

Dear Julian:
I absolutely love your postcard paintings! I wish to purchase some, but all are sold already. Please let me know how I can do this.
Thank you,
Malva Rothstein

Same comment -- ! How early must one be online to purchase a postcard?

PAINT MORE!! I love them, want one but alas they are sold!

I too am very interested in your work but find everything sold! How can one purchase your beautiful paintings?

Julian, I absolutely love your work but have the same complaint of not being able to purchase, especially living in California!

Keep painting!

You only make one painting each day? I'd love one like flat peaches in provncal bowl. I also wish it were July. Can one reserve an image, because fans get up very early in the morning it seems?

I too admire your work, but I find it difficult to purchase a postcard. Can you give me any hints as to how to make a successful purchase? I would love to acquire some of your postcards.

Sorry all, but we have been a little overwelmed by the response, suffice to say there is a painting a day and it is strictly first come first served - for my sanity. I can only suggest you sign up for emails or use the xml link on the front page to be notified when new paintings are posted - sorry to disappoint
so many people, I am sure it will quieten down in a few days or weeks.


I just signed up for your mailing list after reading the article about you and seeing a photo of your work in the NY Times.

My own paintings are mostly on 4x6 canvas or paper, and it's daunting to see how well someone else works in the size (as well as how you've made use of the internet).

I look forward to seeing each new pinting, and eventually purchasing one from you.

Thanks for adding me to the list.

These are so lovely, i could imagine being happy owning any one of them! I'm new so will try to be the first in.
Best wishes.

It seems like the NYT article got alot of attention. Well deserved. Your art is exquisite and I hope to make a purchase as well.

Congratulations on the article. Great news !

Yr work is beautiful.
My friend Donna wrote the article and as a fellow artist I'm delighted for yr success.
Thanks for continuing to paint.

We were lucky to find your studio when you were in the shadow of Mt Ventoux and to purchase several of your paintings. Congratulations on the great article in the New York Times.

You guys are the 33135 best, thanks so much for the help.