daily painting titled White road, Crillon-le-Brave

White road, Crillon-le-Brave

20cm x 13cm (8"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 20 July, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


Hi Julian..cloudless sky ..I can feel the heat and hear the cicadas..
Hi Julian, Paths in paintings give reason to wonder what is around the bend. Just like our lives we wonder what tomorrow will bring. Great painting enjoy each day wondering what the email will bring from your studio.
Beautiful,,, I have been wacthing the Tour De France and have seen many sights similar to your wonderful paintings. Tish.
Sensory painting. Just get to the point... Sum and substance...Stripped back to the essentials. So difficult to do. The houses in the distance in the visual continuation of the road are like precious stones set in the shade of a vegetal frame. - Heavens, burning sky, hot-white chalky road, small flames of leaves everywhere... I'm so thirsty; and I realize I have forgotten my water bottle...Light-headed man! My feet are painfully burning into my espadrilles, my lips are so dry, dry; in addition no more saliva, however I'm running in sweat! Salty drops are beginning to irritate my eyes as strongly as some Espelette chilli pepper. Shucks! I have no facial tissue. I'm incredibly hot, I'm too hot...I have the feeling I'm seeing burning poppies all around me...Delusion probably. Lemonade, I'm dreaming of a lemonade, but I can't I'm diabetic! Or else just a fizzy drink. Precious molecules of water. I'm sure some sympathetic farmers there will give me a little help. Hope all goes well."
Dear Julian,after imbibing quantities of icy rose (the heat is on in old Blighty)I'm having a fit of the giggles at Alain on the white road to hell. What comes to mind is a Don Quixote like figure battling his way forward in unravelling espadrilles! By the way the painting is really hot as well! Anna.
I agree with you, however, I tend to be rather Sancho Panza than Dom Quixote in real life. To my great dismay. Fortunately, Julian paintings...and each day I continue on my Odyssean path. For a few minutes a day.
I love your work and want to purchase your book. I'm wondering if I have go to through Amazon. I live here in France, not far from Bagnols sur Ceze, probably an hour from your area. I would like to buy your book directly from you if possible. Misha
I have a new found appreciation for the importance of shady spots, and for my new best friend the bumbershoot. This painting and Alain's comment are making me crave a fizzy lemonade in the shade. :) Studying your trees with extra interest lately Julian - love this one!