daily painting titled Quinces in a spanish bowl

Quinces in a spanish bowl

Oil on linen, 46cm x 33cm (approx 18"x14") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 11 November, 2011
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Amen to that, Julian! And doesn't everything look a little more interesting with a few battle scars? :) Fantastic painting.
Not to mention the health of our bodies. People have messed with food so much, I swear it's killing us. Beautiful painting!
Magnificent! I love quinces and don't see enough of them around here. I also liked your new self-portrait. You look a little befuddled .... is fatherhood still stressful? Thanks for sharing your work.
very nice bit of painting you are on top form. love. tom
Mucho gracias Julian! Your still-lifes are truly gems. I notice you went a little larger for this set-up. Ilove all the little bangs and bruises. That's real fruit, not wax!
This is such a beautiful masterpiece, Julian. I am reminded of Caravaggio's fruit - He painted fruit with "blemishes" too. The coloring is very nice in your painting. It is so good to see your work on a regular basis again. Hope you are staying well.
I love this picture.. It made me smile .. and then wonder why my quinces in my garden in Manchester don't look quite so healthy.?! It was good to see what you look like too.. Great self portrait. Rachael
Wow! extremely wonderful, and coveted.
I could stare at this all day!
Hi Julian.... I thoroughly agree with your sentiments about the fruit..... trust you to think of that from an artist's point of view! We artists don't like things to be 'perfect' do we! ;/ This is a beautiful piece.... BECAUSE of the imperfections!!!! :0 Congrats. Warmest regards... Pauline
Amazing painting! You are an inspiration to me and so many others. thank you.
Julian, I have loved your paintings lately. The self portrait - touched by parenthood? The comparison between the recent and the five year old clementine - the latter one seemed so much more vibrant. And the quinces - bumpy and beautiful. BTW, you're welcome to come and paint my apples sometime! They're scabby and ugly as all hell but sooooo much more delicious than anything from the store or even the farmer's market. Blessings!
Julian Thanks for the inspirational paintings you send out on a daily basis Your paintings are so simple as to make them sublime. Every blessing Frank (Leeds West Yorkshire England
I have just become completely enchanted by your work - absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
Perfection and imperfection: a perfect subject.
Zurbaranesque solar picture.