daily painting titled Morning near Sault

Morning near Sault

18cm x 12cm (7"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 7 July, 2010
Posted in Landscape paintings


There's a wonderful sense of a never-ending expanse in this, I can feel it drawing me in...
What lovely subtle colours, and, I especially love the sparse use of an 'edge' in the composition. Less is more - something I need to constantly remember.
My book just arrived in Augusta, Georgia USA. I flipped through immediately looking for old favorites! Perfect! Thanks, Julian.
The light!
I do have trouble believing they are that size they seem so much bigger. But then I was real surprised to find out how small Van Gogh's sunflowers were. Yours effect me the same way. Like if I turn my head a bit I'll see even more. PS I keep clicking back to the hay wagon. Just to make sure the top bales haven't toppled. Keeps me in suspense.
Your book has arrived and in reading the forward tonight, I learned for the first time that there are comments under each of the paintings you post. I have always been so engrossed by the works themselves that I never thought to scroll down. What a wonderful double treat - beautiful artwork and the interesting and thoughtful words of my fellow fans. The book, by the way, is exquisite. Thank you.
J'ai l'impression, Julian, d'être dans un train et que je regarde penché un peu hors de la fenêtre ce merveilleux paysage défiler vers l'arrière et la montagne lapis-lazuli et le champ de miel se rejoindre dans un flot d'écume!
sorry, was traveling and would have submitted a comment earlier. Mr. Walton--you are missing the whole point--kiss off. Alain, don't change a damn thing. Julian, as always, thank you.
Thank you, Mr Shapiro. And this is not the first time you show your benevolence. All the best
I just received your book and wanted to let you know how wonderful it is! I recently started a daily painting blo9g, after being inspired you and also Carol Marine. I am still trying settle on a surface I am happy with. You said in your book that it is acrylic primed cardboard- what do you mean by cardboard? Also, I assume you sell them unframed- do you give advise to people on how to frame them? Thank you for sharing your work with all of us!
Happy to say I have received my subscriber copy of "the book". It arrived over this past weekend. What a delight! It must have been incredibly hard to choose the final selections. I would not have been able to do it. I would still be deciding. -joe PS. I agree with Mr Shapiro's sentiments 100%, Thank You.
I just came back from a long drive throught upstate NY and rural Ontario (Canada). Julian your recent paintings made my eye take in the yellow fields that were everywhere around me. As I drove into Toronto, the evening sky was a contrast of intense colours. I just wish you were here to paint it all and preserve it. Thanks for teaching me to see the world around me.
For me, the paintings bring a joyful, colorful spark to my day, for a few minutes each morning I can leave my grey wintery world and dream of sunshine and fresh air, and abundance from the earth. For a few precious moments I can lose myself in Provence, (something I can take with me whatever the day here brings.....). I'm immensely grateful to you Julian, I am the proud owner of two of your 'gems' and now your beautiful book.
Julian - I have missed your paintings for the last few days. I hope you are well?
I got my book!! Love it, of course. These paintings make my day. sj