daily painting titled Two Quinces

Two Quinces

33cm x 24cm, oil on linen

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 13 November, 2006
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Gorgeous!! Classic with lovely
depth- just great.

I lurv it when you do that Dutch Renaissance thing with fruit'n veg. xx

Ruth, do you ever say "Honey let's just keep this one, shall we"?

claire, yes I do. Sometimes I even go down on my knees but someone's got to pay the bills and, actually, I have e very nice quince of my own...!

This is amazing. Another wonderful painting.

exquisite leaves and yellow hues...someone will be very fortunate indeed.


Can I purchase this painting?

Jeanne Champion

jeanne read the purchasing tab at the top of the site!

kissing quinces!

Very sunny! Love it!!

Absolutely gorgeous, Julian! What a treat! It is sort of Dutch Renaissance, but better, because it has your lovely brushstrokes. The rendering of the leaves is simply masterful! Bravo!!!

The weight of these quinces is perfect. And see how they almost touch each other with the slightest space between them - how tantalising!