daily painting titled Crillon le Brave from Modene

Crillon le Brave from Modene

20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 20 November, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


I imagine on this path a young shepherdess returning to the village with her obedient sheeps and barking black sheep dog...And she quietly sings a song;she is happy.

This is one of my favorite walks, among the olive grove. It is most certainly a long uphill climb into Crillon le Brave. The painting captures the soul of this spot. I wish I were there, today.

I've never seen it except through your paintings, but I can well believe Brian's comment that you've captured its soul.

that looks like a great road to cycle on... I was a road racing cyclist in my earlier years and now ride with my fiance on the Ottawa (Canada) river parkway bike path... enough about that>
This is a wonderful painting.. it :takes you there.!! Kudos to you.

Dear Julian, my heart skipped a beat when I saw this painting, hard to believe it's tiny!
So romantic,so lovely!

My last view of Crillon le Brave was from our car; the lights were on and it was magical. Thanks, Julian, for your view in today's painting.