daily painting titled Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

14cm x 17cm (5½"x7½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 10 May, 2009
Posted in Flower paintings


this is one quality portrait of a rose...outstanding achievement. i think she is "ready for her close-up mr. demille."
I agree wholeheartedly! Lovely, delicate. And I like the interpretation of the glass. Beautiful!
I think it's nearly the first time, Julian, you show us what one calls " a preparatory work", well, what is " underneath". For instance, the black background and its sharp dividing line with the table. The same is true of the dividing lines of the petals and the background. Ditto, the "wavering" edges of the glass like in Morandi. Finally, your way of treating the table on both sides of the glass: on the left side, flat plane thanks to the horizontal shadow of the glass, on the right side, a falling surface accentuated by the vertical brushstrokes striping the table like in Cezanne...Very enlightening.Thank you Julian for your generosity.
Hi Julian Thanks to you and Alain, I am learning how to look at a painting. The rose is really lovely, especially as it has all my favourite colours. Now I see that the glass is taller than I thought. Barbara