daily painting titled Night lemon

Night lemon

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 24 November, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


The beauty of simplicity.
3:00 a.m.? - now, THAT takes commitment! I feel there must be a subliminal meaning to this lone lemon leaning against the wall, but I can't figure it out. (My mother used to tell me that I think too much.)
Alone and frightened with nowhere to hide. This one speaks very powerfully!
That lemon is saying thank you for staying up so late to give me life.......
Simply perfect and perfectly simple! I have to agree with Rita .... that lonely lemon does, indeed, look "frightened" ... the way it's backing up against the wall, shrinking away from something, certainly makes the viewer feel that way. Well done.
Dear Julian,agree with the others,there seems to be some angst here,especially as this was painted at a time of night when most people have their deepest, sweetest sleep.The poor lemon seems so very alone,almost cowering in the mercilessly stark light,no silver for a mirror,not even a pretty leaf.I know how that lemon feels,I am in the second cycle of a prescribed 6 months of chemotherapy of the "mopping up" kind.Supposed to be fully recovered,but the adjuvant treatment is killing me! Sorry,ranting again and should of course be very thankful etc. etc. The new "props" are lovely. Wonderful distractions in silver and pewter the last couple of days. Sir W. Nicholson would have been proud. Anna H.
For my eyes, your light background this time is a relief from the more usual dark.
For my eyes, your light background this time is a relief from the more usual dark.
Cezanne conquered Paris with apples.....you've done it with a lemon.
Slightly surreal but lovely feel. Takes me back to architectural student days when we drew through the night and into the early morning hours!