daily painting titled Hay bales, morning near Crillon-le-brave

Hay bales, morning near Crillon-le-brave

20cm x 13cm (8"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 4 July, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


Great to see a new painting at auction Regards Steve
Love the light in this, It's electric
Luminous alliance between the creamy paste of a Van Goghian field that echoes the thin texture of an ethereal sky. The daily reality of a softened talk: nutritive materiality responds to nourishing spirituality and vice versa. Birds in foliage and hills (and us) are their privileged witnesses. Thanks to the artist.
I love hay bails and cut hay fields. I myself paint them when I can. I recently sold a painting of a hay field so I doubly like them! Your painting shimmers with the summer heat. Its grand.
Another beautiful one, Julian! I love the warm colors in the sky, and the golden fields. Is that a stream in the far distance, I see? I think I will need the desktop to view this one and not the iPad. Thank you for my visual treat. Elaine
funny someone else used the word "paste"...I was going to say the field looked "pasty"...beautiful relationship between the trees in shadow and the distant field...great!
Hi Julian, Thanks for transporting us to the site and giving us the feel of shade and heat of the sun. Your control always sets the mood that makes your art stand out from many others. Thanks for the breath of fresh air felt each day in your paintings.
Dear Julian, the shade cast by the groove of trees on the left looks so comforting,love the "sky holes". The leftover stubble on the field must be crackling dry already, bleached blond by the sun. The rosy morning light of the wide open sky seems to forecast another day of intense heat. Anna.
You work wonders with those loose and minimal paint strokes with just the right colors and touches where they count. You captured the light, for sure. (Honestly, Julian, I prefer your other two hay bale scenes - maybe because the main subject matter was in a closer view and larger. Just my opinion - I don't want to offend you, as I consider you a master.)
I always look forward to your new posts! You capture the atmosphere! Your brushwork is so interesting... do you ever use a palette knife? I recently posted a sailboat in a marina that I completed with just a palette knife and loved the texture it created.