daily painting titled Chemin des Roques, Crillon-le-Brave

Chemin des Roques, Crillon-le-Brave

20cm x 14cm (8"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 2 July, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


I have the feeling that we are going for a drive and suddenly this magnificent landscape appears! And as a child behind the driver, I exclaim: "Wow dad it's so beautiful!" Admirable painting. Does an artist who is able to make that kind of painting really come from the same planet as us?
I love this joyful painting. I admire your talent and taste !!! Thank you for creating such wonderful works of art Julian !!!!
I recognise that road! Plus the view in the background - nice one. :) Plus I also like the view from under the trees looking back at Crillon-le-Brave
Dear Julian, what a glorious landscape. Opened the post with bated breath and there as always, without fail, a beautiful creation! What a fabulous patchwork of colours, just look at the vines in the foreground,seemingly dashed down and yet unmistakably vines. Hard to believe this is a small painting. Anna.
Julian: I look forward every day for a posting. It is like having my own personal art gallery! I love the brush strokes and colors especially but the landscape images are immensely pleasurable. I expect to own a painting soon.
I'm loving the close at hand, middle and far away distances; and the mystery of what could be around the corner.
Totally beautiful