daily painting titled Above Flassan, morning

Above Flassan, morning

20cm x 12"cm, (approx 8"x4½") oil on panel Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 4 August, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


Great little painting - you mastered the view.
I know what you mean! I once was commissioned to do three paintings of the sames scene for thier children.I did it but none of them were exactly like the original. It just isn't feasible.
Another breathless moment upon opening today's postcard. Thank you.
Hi Julian In the earlier painting there were two cypresses and the corners of buildings to the right. There seems to be a stone wall in the 2005 painting. I think that you may be further down the hill; thus your perspective would be different . I think that you can see more of the town in today's painting. The other explanation is that the foliage has changed over the last six years; buidings are gone or changed so it could still be a mystery. Moreover the June light and August light are different so it may make landscapes appear different to you the painter. However, it does make me think about the way that landscapes and cityscapes do change imperceptibly as is probably the case with Louis Joseph
You need a GPS but why bother? Its beautiful anyway.
Oh yes, "Another breathless moment"(DonaS). I like the contrast,on either side of the iconic cypress,between the realistic shapes of the roofs on the left and the abstracted ones,on the right,not to mention the enigmatic white diamond-shaped structure(walls?) that gives this pleasant and rhythmical view the classical balance.
No wonder you have done it again - it's lovely.
Wonderful painting Julian, I really love this little gem.