daily painting titled Les Couguious

Les Couguious

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 29 April, 2014
Posted in Landscape paintings


i really like the abstract orange rectangle and the tangled trees together. I gave a class on abstraction and I asked students, Is the Abstract always present and where? Interesting to think about in relation to this work of yours. respectfully, DK
I like the way that you have set this up so that the viewer can peek at what is there and wonder about what we cannot see.
For some reason, I find it moving that you have shown your house,mailbox, road. Thanks.
Love the painting and colors......Was that a late afternoon painting?
The shadows are beautiful.
Love this one! It looks a bit like where I am in Santa Barbara California where colors are bright and the mountains roll down to the sea.
I like your style of painting, like the subjects you choose, and love the way they look so painterly
As a painter for many years I enjoy your site as I do Duane Keiser That said, I wonder sometimes why it costs so much to study with masters such as yourself. Folks I feel I might help as much as they do me. I went to art schoo.l in the 60's and have painted in most mediums ever since. Sold every painting I thought worthy and well here I am. I think your ability extraordinary in many ways, however not so much to warrant the tally of a class with you. I suppose you ignore this critique and well you can and Bravo to you. I so enjoy a Julian post when I get one, but I'd live in a tent to paint a day with you..................... Cheer's, Peter
I agree with Fanny Campbell. You paint your own "slice of life." That's one of the reasons your paintings are so great.
This is excellent!
Defending painting prices and workshop costs is a tiresome business but anyway here goes; the workshops are residential, full board with gourmet meals and fine wines and totally organised by us (my wife and me). They are priced in a currency which is worth 70 cents in the dollar to me and are a huge undertaking and not without a certain amount of financial risk. Obviously being based in Provence puts them outside the range of many people but we thought if we were going to do it we would do it in style--the tuition element is around $100 a day per person, fairly standard for the market. I don't claim to be a master, I struggle to master like the majority of us and put up my struggles most days for anyone to see.
Julian Glad you are back as I enjoy your work! This painting with your green postbox in it is lovely as it shows the area you live! You have sunshine - we are back to 4'c this morning with April showers... Thank you for sharing your work! Regards Sarah Orchard
Declaration of faith. The most difficult thing is not to be a master at all costs,it is to be regularly creative and to have a high sense of aestheticism.I think that the term "master" belongs to the past.Every contemporary painter has of course to know the history of art(with its masters)in order not to believe that he is sure to have discovered something new and to fall in self-conceit. An authentic painter by definition is someone unassuming (but with a strong personality):he never says: "I am a master",even though folks say that of him.So for all this,Julian is a model:that is why each day we are longing for his next painting.
Would I have your permission to use selected paintings on my Facebook page. I usually add a motto or meaningful text, and include your name of course. I posted one earlier today then realised I needed your permission. Love your art - like fresh air. Regards.
Dear Julian, wonderful warmth and sense of place,thank you! What a talent,flowing like a fountain! Anna.
Hello Peter. Just to add to what Julian said in his reply to what I think is a reasonable question. Maybe one day we will do a camp fire version of the workshops (I'm only half kidding, I could think of nothing lovelier!)but for now... The workshops were my idea and I had no clue till we started out how time consuming they would be! Just to give you an idea (as I take a quick break from gessoing and sanding 500 individual boards for our May group to paint on, whilst Julian cleans pochade boxes upstairs and orders the new supply of paints whilst we pay for our child to be at day care...), I would add that the organization side of the workshops is at least a half time secretarial job for me all year round. Luckily we both love what we do! Anyway I do hope we find a way to have you with us one day, round a camp fire or otherwise. Ruth
Dear Ruth and Julian, you are a lovely combo of creativity and enterprise and I bet, not so many moons ago, Julian was dragged kicking and screaming to do the workshops! Well done Ruth, for the courage and tenacity etc. I often sense your presence behind it all! Sorry if I seem too familiar, but having read "Cherries from Chauvet's Orchard"...... I cant help feeling I know you a little bit! Anna.
This unusual composition creates an atmosphere of intrigue.. Fantastic work and such a pleasure to see your plein air paintings! Thank you.
Little to add after all these lovely comments... Wish I were there too... Lovely painting
Suddenly right now I note this point:the remarkable limpidity of the air in this one thanks to colors purity. No perception of any air pollution, no impurity...Thanks to the definiteness of all shapes, edges, outlines... Intense feelings of clarity. The visual focus is everywhere as if everything deserves here to be underlined: wall of the house, wall of the hill, "wall" of the sky,wall of the flowerbed that looks like... a multicolour caterpillar! And this elongated white angel flying along the middle of the hill who soon will disappear behind the house...This painting is becoming iconic.
As a more than satisfied painter who attended Julian and Ruth?s workshop last fall, I find that I must comment on Peter D?s post. I learned while visiting France that the French (like myself) appreciate good value. I felt that the beautiful Provencial countryside, accommodations, complementary transportation, great food and wine, unlimited art supplies and of course, the one on one art instruction from Julian and collaboration with other painters was a great value. It gave me the incentive to paint daily and as a result, I am a very happy camper even without a tent. Thich Nhah Hanh writes,?When conditions are sufficient, things will manifest.? They certainly did for me.