daily painting titled Hay bales, Crillon-le-Brave

Hay bales, Crillon-le-Brave

20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 3 July, 2015
Posted in Landscape paintings


Beautiful. Love the subtlety of the mid and far shadows set against the foreground shadows.
Technical simplifications in order to get to the point: coherence,consistency of the surface.Simplification of the details in order to go quickly to the vanishing point:the house with the red roof and the telephone pole. All that landscape as the symbol of human activities: even the clouds resonate with the hue of that roof...Simplication in order to strongly express an idea behind the pictorial surface: Life is beautiful and so munificent when men respect it.
Yes, I do remember this place well. The first painting I did was there! Just sold it this past winter..have to come and paint it again!!!
Rock on, julian!
I felt the season's shift and passage of time as I looked at this painting. A nostalgic mood, more moving than I'd expected. Thanks, always