daily painting titled Morning lavender

Morning lavender

20cm x 14cm (approx. 8"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 31 July, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


Hello! I'd love to translate the colors in this piece to a weaving project~~how inspiring!
A lavender river to travel on.
Hi Julian, Yesterday enjoyed the path that led you around the bend. I'm sure this painting is what came into view. Seeing a vast display of color like lavender makes you want to walk right through it and enjoy it's aroma. Looking forward to a new month with new paintings. Really enjoy going back to your archives. So much to see and learn from. Thanks
I feel quite envious of beautiful lavender fields on your doorstep begging to be painted ... lovely paintings are coming out of this:)
I'm willing the scottish heather to come into bloom so I can apply that purple!
Dear Julien des champs, tried to be disciplined and not to comment every single day. But when with a click of a button I see this......the resolve is gone! The sweet blue of the mountain,the cloudless sky,promising another sweltering day. The gold and the mauve.The cool shadows of the boscage. The colours melt and flow like butter on a hot croissant. Anna.
All wonderful works congratulations.