daily painting titled Boule


20cm x 16cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 23 November, 2016
Posted in Still life paintings


Julian. I been watching you almost from the beginning and my grandchildren have joined me in adventure. Just this week,quite out of the blue, 9 year old Belle asked how many paintings you have done now! What an inspiration to a child who can see the goal you have set and that you are still on the path.thank you.
How disappointing about the large painting..but this is Stunning and looks delicious..so fresh and crusty and Edible!
As an amateur artist your paintings inspire me - that the most ordinary but magical subjects make such wonderful paintings.
Imagine my surprise as the pixels populated the screen. Could that be the breast of a roasted turkey? But no, it's a lovely boule. Turkey on the brain because tomorrow is American Thanksgiving. Amongst my many blessings I'll be giving thanks for the wonderful work and the amusing updates.
And Rightly so it looks good enough to eat.
You did a fabulous job on this, Julian!!
Julian, Although I'm sorry you felt compelled to srap your original still life, I must admit that it's somewhat consoling to know that even the master (you!) sometimes meets with a disappointing outcome. We'll all keep working (and improving?!) Happy Thanksgiving to you, Ruth, and the Violinist. (!) Mary Ellen
I wish that boule were here in my kitchen. Love the painting
YUM!!! It's positively eye nourishing and satisfying. And this Thanksgiving evening, one thinks of all who don't have bread to eat, or the joy of seeing a painting like this.
I was there when you painted this once before, at Le Madeline, during a fury Mistral, first year of the workshops. Bravo again!
I love this painting, the prefect subject matter to describe life in France, there are too few studies of this simple but ancient subject.
Too tempting! Louis or a mouse?
That is the most beautifully painted bread I have EVER seen! Like a little piece of a Dutch masters' still life...but with more energy. Thank you for your inspiration--you make the most mundane subjects magical.
This one has me reaching for the cheese and apples. Beautiful painting. Regards, Robert.
Thank you for this painting. I love it! Is it the "boule" I sold you two days ago. May I broadcast your work at the bakery with your name? Please let me know.. Kind regard Catherine