daily painting titled Morning vines

Morning vines

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 16 May, 2014
Posted in Landscape paintings


An impressionistic and luminous picture. The chalky path invites us to stroll there barefoot even though it is still a bit chilly at this time. Technically, all the elongated and sinuous brushstrokes varying in all directions suggest motion, depth and liveliness. The (nearly) isolated touch of fluorescent yellow above the vineyard in the centre is divine (it looks like, with a piece of horizontal yellow of the vineyard, a head of a yellow swan strolling about a yellow lake!)and with the help of the leaning stake on the right breaks the sloping horizontal lines crossing the painting. The sloping brushstrokes making the sky, miraculously counterbalance thanks to their direction all the other sloping brushstrokes making hills, grounds, stakes, vineyard and descending outline of the trees on the left. The composition is based on two virtual acute angles in juxtaposition, like a couple of loud-hailers, flooding with sonorities the whole picture...But by jove where were they "hiding"? Shh, this is a secret.
Dear Julian, just knocked back my one a day P f P supplements. Boosts energy and immune response, but must not be a substitute for a varied diet,hmm!!I've peered at Alfred Sisley this week, so many impressive landscapes, "The climbing path" is a lovely example. Really an underrated painter of his time. But however seductive and wonderful, I'm left with that slightly saccharine flavour of pure impressionism! Needing some astringency, like a palate cleanser between courses!Back to J M-S! Fridays "Morning vines" lit by the suns early rays with the Ventoux and it's foothills as a backdrop, has not one brush stroke too many, distilling place, colour and mood magically onto a little board, 20cm x 13cm! Anna.
Superb !
Fine work! Wish you cooperation from the weather for that first painting get together. As always, the site and the work is a mental and visual life saver..