daily painting titled Grapes and silver goblet

Grapes and silver goblet

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 26 September, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Wow, love the translucent quality to the grapes! Looks delicious.
Lovely... Timeless
Julian, I've so enjoyed all your "postcards" for the last few years as they arrive in my email inbox...They provide me with just the right dose of goodness and what's right with the world to offset the negativity of all those disturbing but necessary citizen activist petitions!...This one is really lovely...keep on keeping on, Brother, and long may you, your family and your painting prosper!
Thats the way Julian Brilliant
Thats the way Julian, 'Brilliant'
I thought to pluck the grapes from my laptop screen and start making juice !
The uncertainty of the outlines,as by candlelight,make the grapes more lively,even more than that,alive,as Sir Joshua Reynolds when he painted figures of young girls. And what to say about the wonderful sailing boat in full sail,with its yellow sails in backlighting,within the highlight of the goblet which reminds me,I do not really why(beauty of art),of some Singer Sargent mysterious colors harmony. How I love too the dancing white highlights of the grapes that all of a sudden awake the song "Hey Jude" by the Beatles in me!Each tiny highlight(11)starting by the highlight of the left on the table being a word of the song: "Hey(1)Jude(2)Don't(3)let(4)me(5)down(6) etc... Do I just go mad? I think it is already the case...
Dear Julian, picking a bunch of grapes from your terrace whilst facing a wonderful landscape of classic Provence. Painting a gorgeous still life with said grapes and a silver goblet. Creating timeless beauty for all to enjoy. Auctioning your creation (that always get's snapped up) without leaving your nest. Julian, you've cracked it! Je suis tres envieux! I was going to make this longer still but will stop waffling! Have a lovely weekend! Anna.
Dear Anne, The most important thing you have learnt on this site is how really to see and look at a painting. Don't be discouraged,just be yourself. Find your own way of expression. I know you are a sincere person when you comment. A painter who knows how to see can appreciate the spectacle of Nature,make progress about his or her own paintings and better appreciate close friends. Keep in mind that now you have an inestimable treasure(better than money or jewels): how to see a work of art(painting, sculpture, architecture and beauty of Nature).Do not give up. My only model on Julian site was Merilee: her comments were wonderful and deciding.
Dear Alain, by chance I glanced at this page again and saw your reply. God knows what I wrote in jest and in French! A beautiful language I don't know well! Still can't help trying it on sometimes. I'm not really envious, well maybe just a little bit! All the same, Alain, I value your comments and will take your advice and continue to be myself, craziness and all. It is very true that to deeply appreciate and take pleasure in a work of art you have to really learn to see. This great site has honed that ability, no doubt. Thank you Dr Freud, you have great insight. Bon weekend! Anna.
We are all in the same boat. Julian is the skipper. Cordially
Just got back from Provence and a 14 day trip. stayed mainly in the Russilon area. Painted some 10 watercolors, mainly of Grape vinyards. Also drank a lot of wine, went to several castles,Museums, etc. and covered a lot of places. You must live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We went to Paris for a brief time to see the Louvre and ate dinner near the Eiffel Tower. Came home fired up to do some watercolors and possibly some oils in the future. all the best Randy Mack Bishop