daily painting titled Cyclamen


15cm x 14cm, oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 7 March, 2007
Posted in Flower paintings


Unbelievable beautiful! I ALWAYS have a pot of cyclamen to cheer me up, and this one is extraordinary. It is 5 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and here we are the 7th of March! Your gorgeous flowers give me hope that some day Spring will come. Thanks. I especially appreciate (speaking aesthetically now), the angle you chose to depict these magnificent pink beauties.

My day is calmer now...(just opened some stressful mail)...thanks for this beautiful image.

nice one julian!

particularly like the way , on the principal flower, you've painted the light pink membranes fanning into the darker pink base of the petal. Very small & very fine brush work.

bonne chance � vous

Beautiful! With oysters and flowers, my day is now complete. Thank you.

I get three different emails from Daily Painters. I love your paintings, your colors and your variety of subjects. I always open yours first. What a great painter you are.

Rather speechless...so I'll just second all the compliments above.

This is gorgeous Julian!! I loved it the second I saw it!!