daily painting titled Still Life with Orange and Lemons

Still Life with Orange and Lemons

33 x 22 cm, Oil on Linen

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Sunday 26 February, 2006
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By the time I get the daily email in Tucson, AZ, the piece is always already sold. How can I manage to potentially buy one under these circumstances?

Beautiful painting. The green dish, the reflected colors in the fruit and the colors that play across the background create a lively dance. Just love it!

Could you set up a reservation queue which
would enable us to place an order for your highly demanded paintings.

Absolutely lovely, Julian. The green shadows in the dish are simply divine and really pop out that lemon. Love it!

I second the motion from Vicki Kalen above, and a reservation queue is unlikely to improve the situation, owing to time differences, etc., unless they're taken into account in some subtle way.
Your work is admirable--I'd give my EYETEETH to own January's "Orange and Lemon" and "Egg and Silver Spoon"--but everything is sold before it reaches us!


Ah the dish! So airy and
ethereal, yet you can feel
the presence of the clay.
I sighed out loud when it
unfolded on my dial up screen.

I am going to be unpopular here but I believe in taking a more buddhist approach- we simply suffer
when we are attached to the
outcome, in this case, having to possess one of these little gems. Isn't it
enough to be mindful of how
you feel when you first see
it, and how if affects you
the rest of the day?

I say let the man paint when he feels like it and
without the pressure to produce to satisfy a buying

And maybe someday, there could be a book- then we
could all enjoy the imagery
on our laps rather than on
our screens.

Hi there, I like it...will keep watching out for pieces not yet sold. Thanks for responding so fast to my request to be included in this information.

I have always been nuts about Cezanne, and you capture his intent extremely well. It looks like I may join the crowd that wants to buy a painting from you but typically finds them sold. Suggestions accepted. Bill

Nice idea and beautiful paintings. Wish there were more "postcards" available but would hate to see this become watered down. Would love to wait patiently in a reservation line for a chance to buy. Especially like the opportunity to support a working artist without having to sell a kidney. thanks.

This is really lovely, Julian. Beautiful light, shadow, reflections...

This is quite a beautiful painting.

Beautiful, Julian.