daily painting titled John Dory

John Dory

15cm x 13cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Wednesday 9 August, 2006
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Alas poor John...you did him proud....and there's that wonderful blue striped cloth...very wonderful....


The practical timing challenges in painting a warm weather still life of a fish add significantly to the expertise of this finished product. Great colors and, of course, the famous blue-striped cloth in all its glory. I am beginning to think that this website would support a Merrow-Smith line of designer blue-striped cloths. I'd buy some!!

Julian.. You certainly captured John's "Take" on his situation.. Hope you made some "Secret Lumpy- Lemon Sauce" to serve w/ him. Yum.

how does one purchase these paintings? I have been sitting poised to purchase several times but the "purchase button" never comes on!

Jamie, You have at least two minutes in which to purchase, but you have to refresh the page sometimes several times until the purchase button appears. j

I'm happy for you Laura, but I have fish envy. This guy is stunning!

Julian, it's so funny that you painted a fish!!! I was just thinking earlier today that a few months ago, I suggested you paint fish, because they make such great subject matter, but I figured you thought I must be crazy...this is a really great fish painting, and I also love the blue- striped cloth! Wonderful!!!

I must also add that the colors are simply divine, and I also love the fact that the fish has such great weight - you can really feel him laying on that cloth. And, once again, the composition is fabulous, as always!