daily painting titled Two Pumpkins

Two Pumpkins

21cm x 11cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Friday 24 November, 2006
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giving thanks for this gorgeous pair!

why isn`t this available as a print? I`d buy it!

Adorable! I love your fruit and veg postcards...

What neat soup tureens those two would make... Hope you cooked 'em up and had some lovely P-Kin Soup. Beautiful work... D

perfect pumpkins Julian!!

Pumpkin risotto! Rice, onion, chopped up pumpkin, rosemary, chicken stock, parmesan cheese and gin or some kind of vermouth added at the end of cooking et bon appetit!

Beautiful - X Mhairi

I checked your profile, and it seems you hail from England?

Your work is fantastic, did you study art in blighty?