daily painting titled Apples on a French cloth

Apples on a French cloth

18cm x 13cm (7"x5"), oil on Masonite Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 4 January, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


I have been getting daily emails from Julian for years and years. Suddenly, I cannot log in or even re-register. Log-in fails and if I try to register again it says that my login id is taken. Well, yes! I have taken it! Help!
It's marvelous that your three apples are so individual. Each different, each quite unique.
Ah, we have not experienced this cloth in so long! So long in fact, that it is readily apparent how much your work has matured. Thanks for another wonderful bit of eye candy!
As though I could pick one up and eat it. Would it taste as good as it looks. Trying hard to snow here on the "sunshine Coast"
this one is rich in color and the blue and white make it "POP' even more. in Los Angeles today ,many lg. abstract pntgs. crossed my vision, but none can compare to your ,little paintings. they are like jewels and have enriched my life.
Inspiring art. Make you want to do it.