daily painting titled Apricots on a Spanish plate

Apricots on a Spanish plate

17cm x 12cm (7"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 24 July, 2010
Posted in Still life paintings


Lovely painting Julian. What happened to the confit jar?
Even confit pots must rest
Haunting zigzag. Odd,the correspondences between the raven-black shapes in "V" hidden at the top of the background,the dark blue decorative details also in "V" (negative and positive spaces) all along the edge of the plate and the upper outlines of the fruits in "V" too!Fortunately Julian I have the whole night in order to understand the symbolic meaning.
beautiful painting!
Hi Julian, I was lucky enough to figure out the bidding process on the second time I tried and even though I lost the first gorgeous white cliff painting, I got the white irises. Then I ordered you book which arrived a week or so ago. It's wonderful. Thank you for such a great job, and I would also like to thank your writers. I have listened to Mara for years and years on NPR, and it is really wonderful to know that she is in the collectors group. I also love your school mates writing, so thanks for putting together some wonderful writing to go with the book. Finally, I just want to say, as any painter of still life should have, you have a delightful collection of objects to accompany your "pantry paintings". Bravo!
Hi Julian I could eat every one of the apricots with great joy and pleasure. this is so sensuous and sexy!