daily painting titled Winter road

Winter road

17cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 3 February, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


Julian, the cold was worth it - that's a real beauty.
Brrr... I can tell it's sooo cold! Your painting showed me in no uncertain terms! Atmospheric to the max!
Breathtaking. Really. I literally gasped. You captured the immensity of the environment perfectly.
My immediate response to this picture was to think, "I hope Julian was wearing his long johns"!
That made me laugh! I can imagine. It really does convey that real cold-in-the-bones, bitter cold - "Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone".
Excellent series of snow scenes recently. I'd have thought you normally live in snow by how well you have been capturing Provence snow in paint. Starting to think Isaak Levitan might be appearing on the horizon soon. Keep up the good work.
Julian - I don't know how you capture the kind of to-the-bone cold that this picture literally creaks with. Just amazing. Looks like it's about 20 degrees colder (Farenheit) than the last two pictures. Brilliant!
pure poetry like a quiet piece with a string quartet - despite the dark notes there is an underline of something encouraging.
It looks like upstate NY, USA to me! Except this year-no snow... I will think of you while I'm there next week. Another winner Julian!
Wow ! North Dakota has Provence weather this winter : ) and you have ours : ( the light is the same too ! I bet your baby guy has fun in snow ? Thank You for eye and soul candy always - mb
Live self talk through a misty weather. -Well there is nobody...I'm going to turn on the right just before the next curve,I see a little path there,and then go tobogganing on the undulating fields,to finish,I hope,my running by the left on the valley floor.If everything goes well".
Hi Julian: I am always surprised to learn of snow in Provence. Always think of Lavender... Here in Illinois it's warm; my neighbors, Northwestern students, are walking and running in Bermuda shorts (and shorter if they are females). I grew up in Austria and this kind of snow in Europe was normal during the war years and of course a big trial. I am enjoying the mildness here although it's probably connected with the frightening Earth warming. Thank you from the depth of my being for your wonderful daily sends of your amazing painting prowess! Madeleine