daily painting titled Fountain


13cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 4 August, 2015
Posted in Landscape paintings


Lovely and cooling which we need here in Florida right now....are those fishes? So nice to have you back. Thanks.
The water feels so dense and cool and the dappled shade are a welcome image here as we have had no rain in Canada's rainforest British Columbia for such a long time as even the birds and the bees too are drinking so frequently in my fountain.
Happy to see both you and the fountain doing good work. Thanks for the update. Wish I could be there -- with you or with Ruth. I'm not picky!
Gorgeous! And you have earned whatever leisure you got. Thank you for Fountain. Today is our anniversary, celebrated with a rain and hail and thunder storm. This in the category that no good deed goes unpunished. But, I repeat, thank you for Fountain.
Can hear the running water and feel cool stone; timeless subject... Looked up Sorolla and his paintings. Overwhelmed, why haven't heard of him before now...fantastic artist must save up for Cobalt Violet and get to Madrid..slowly...now 87... Thank you Julian
Just wonderful, Julian and your post as well! Leon
Sorolla? Then you'd have to stick loads of dressed-up bodyscapes all over the place -littering your splendidly natural landscapes out of all proportion. Sorolla should rather be simulating J M-S.
Looks good - a wonderful memory. Best wishes
La Madelene is nearly as wonderful as the Alhambra already and so, for painting like Sorolla all we need are fountains? Hook me up!
I think you should come to Vermont next summer to have workshops among the Green Mountains. Bring Madelaine with you. Sorry it has been so hot! Stonking fountain here-wish I could fill one of those Oct. spots. Alas...perhaps next year.
Forget Sorolla, bad color. He'd just pray to be you. Missed you. Fountain so peaceful, lovely.
Ha Ha running water as well! Fabulous painting Julian and great Making A Mark article today which I have shared all over the place.
Dear Julian,this is progress,the fountain is now "up and running" I see. As for Sorella,stunning landscapes and muchas plump behinds! No doubt an incredible painter,having been likened to a latter day Velázquez.Sometimes his palette was intense and almost overpowering. Your fountain soothes in somber umbra's and olive's,can almost hear the waters soporific trickle.Great to have you posting!
How the water brings the fountain to life! or, rather, your rendition of it. It would have been lovely to have the pair - but the bidding got away from me...dommage.
Such peaceful colors. Beautiful!