daily painting titled Red pear

Red pear

13cm x 16cm, oil on panel (approx 5"x6") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 17 September, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


Hello I am in the process of reading Ruth 's "Cherries from Chauvets Orchard", I have never been to France . Thank you for taking me there. Enjoying the book !!
One is plenty! So lovely.
One pear's enough when it is painted by you!
A "pearl",ablaze,permanently illuminated by an inner white heart,molten.A bonfire.
Hello Julian, I'm an artist,BFA, BA in,Education,58 years old, Blondie. I've been looking at your paintings for some time now. I enjoy your landscapes from the beauty of Provance. You have some that are top Quality and of course there is the "painting" I always look for in my own art. I am an old school painter: drawing,golden triangle,elements to bring you in and won't let you out (like a tornado). I'm from Wyoming and my neice in Mannassa,VA. and she is a friend of yours. Really a surprise. I didn't expect this. All for today, Anna Marie
A lucious red pear aglow in the dark. The final touch; a highlight that says "I'm done."
such beautiful paintings and so realistic